Things To Know

  • Drink plenty water the day before your tattoo/piercing (a week if you can manage) Hydrated skin is the best skin!
  • Get a good nights rest 8 hours at least! the beauty sleep is for the tattoo… not the bags under your eyes…
  • Let your artist/piercer know if you are either diabetic or on any sort of blood thinning medication – this will affect either how the artist approaches the tattoo and/or piercing application or how you need to approach the aftercare of your new amazing body art.
  • PLEASE do not shave or wax the area before your tattoo! skin abrasions may result in the loss of your session, we cannot tattoo/pierce over damaged skin. the artist will provide these services in-house for you should they be necessary.
  • PLEASE do not numb or moisturize the area before your sitting. Numbing is offered in-house at an additional cost of R250. details of such services can be discussed upon your booking.
  • Please have a meal before your session, this helps stabilize your blood sugar for the procedure to come
  • you may bring your own music/book/laptop/games to entertain yourself for longer tattoo sessions – you may not need it, we’reĀ  generally a bunch of clowns…
  • Free Wifi
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