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This is the place for the geeks, the outcasts, the strange wonderful and weird.


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Based in the Nexus hub, owned and run by nerds. We house several renowned, award-winning artists. Specialising in neotraditional, realism, black and grey, colour, watercolour, fine lines, blackwork, and more. They are ready to help you build the custom tattoo of your dreams.

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Do Tattoos Hurt?

Are tattoos painful? I always say to my clients – pain is relative and differs from person to person, what I deemed to be sore or irritable may not be the same in your experience. Tattoo artists are always mindful of their clients and the discomfort they may be...

Hello! Welcome to The All-New Rumble and Hum Blog

In this new and exciting journey, we want to share with you our world, the world of the tattoo industry, its artists, its politics and its client’s stories in the hopes that we can start integrating all of you into a very cultural and traditional environment that you...

About Our Owner

There is something tantalising about tattoos… and I want to share that with you.

Welcome to my Sanctum Sanctorum, I have been the owner of Rumble and Hum since circa 2019. I am a non-tattooing owner with a severe passion for the art form.

I love being part of the industry and am grateful every day that I get to do what I love with people and artists that inspire the industry.

The images on my body tell my story. Tattoos have a way of immortalising the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. It’s a bold declaration to have something inked permanently onto your skin and I want you to fall in love with that, just like I did.

Here at Rumble and Hum, we remain inclusive and want you to have the best experience whilst receiving the best work our artists can conjure. Our little band of misfits are waiting to welcome you to our humble abode. I for one can’t wait to see what part of your journey we get to memorialise forever.

Stages Of Our Work

01. Acquaintance

We select or develop a sketch

02. Set The Date

We determine the date and time that is best sutable

03. Creation

We sit down and creat our masterpiece

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1st place in the ratings 2017-2-2022

Our legendary studio occupies first place in the South African industry

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21 Harley Street, The nexus Hub, Ferndale, Johannesburg

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